CCG - Acrobatics

Acrobatic Gymnastics (Acro) is a discipline recognized by USA Gymnastics which combines dance, tumbling, and partner stunts performed by synchronized pairs or groups. Central Coast Gymnastics offers recreational and pre-team acrobatic gymnastics classes for girls and boys, ages 5 & up. Our recreational program focuses on the introductory elements of Acrobatic Gymnastics. Athletes will work on flexibility, tumbling and dance as well as learn body awareness and become familiar with partner acro skills.

Preschool Acro

Ages 3-5

Class Length: 1 Hour

This fun class will give your preschooler a glimpse into the exciting world of Acrobatics! Your little one will be introduced to hand balancing and partner skills all while developing coordination and flexibility in an enjoyable environment! Our energetic coaches will also teach tumbling basics with the help of our exciting circuits!

Recreational Acro

Ages 5+

Class Length: 1 Hour

This introductory acro class will make your little one fall in love with the sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics! Our passion coaches will introduce the basics of teamwork, hand balancing, and partner skills in a fun way! Our little Acrobats will also spend time working on trampoline skills, tumbling basics, and flexibility!

Acrobatics & Tumbling

Ages 5+

Class Length: 1.5 Hours

Our Acrobatics and Tumbling athletes work with our experienced coaches on Acro blocks, tumbling, partner skills, dance, and trampoline! Our coaches facilitate safe progressions for all things acro in this exciting class while focusing on teamwork, strength, and balance! Athletes in this class may also be invited to try out for the Acro team in the summer!

Pre-Team Acro

Ages 5+ (invite only)

Class Length: 2 Hours

Athletes considering joining our competitive Acro team may be invited to our Pre-Team Acro class! This class is designed to fine-tune all skills in preparation for our Acro team tryouts! Our Pre-Team athletes will work on advanced acro skills, tumbling passes, and even work on choreography! Athletes in this class may also get opportunities to perform choreographed routines throughout the year!