CCG - Preschool

Since 1991, CCG has been creating and growing an amazing Preschool Gymnastics Program. Our monthly themes, and colorful “Jungle Gym,” provide non-stop, high-energy gymnastics fun for all preschool-aged kids.

At CCG, we begin classes at 12 months so we can play an active role in all of the new and exciting stages of development. While babies are learning their first words and taking their first steps, our classes are designed to inspire and develop movement, friendships, and fun! We help all preschool-aged children thrive throughout these incredible transformations! Read below about our specialized classes for your preschooler!

Parent Participation

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Ages Walking - 2 Years 11mo

Class Length: 45 Min

Running, jumping, hanging, balancing, tumbling and bouncing in our parent participation Roos class is a great way to focus all the energy of your little one. Each class introduces basic fundamentals of gymnastics in a fun and safe environment. Our high energy coaches use a variety of games, music and age-appropriate circuits to develop skills for listening, socializing and other fundamental development! This class will incorporate listening skills, waiting turns and sharing to prepare them for gymnastic classes on their own!


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Tiny Tigers

Ages 3 Years

Class Length: 1 Hour

Our Tiny Tiger class is very special to CCG; this is the first opportunity for preschoolers to explore the world of gymnastics on their own. Our energetic coaches use teaching strategies to appeal to all learning styles and energy levels. Your little one will be introduced to the fundamentals of all types of gymnastics via the use of exciting circuits, games, music and more!

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Super Bears

Ages 4 Years

Class Length: 1 Hour

Our Super Bears class is among the most popular of preschool classes! Each class will provide your child with an understanding of the components that make up the fantastic sport of gymnastics. Your little athlete will learn the skills necessary to lay the foundation of strength, flexibility and coordination. Our passionate coaches will lead your child through the circuits, games and activities aimed to develop their excitement and love for gymnastics.