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CCG hosts the BEST CAMPS on the Central Coast!

CCG Super Camps are action-packed, fun filled days. We integrate our wonderful facility into all the activities and games. CCG Camps are directed, coached, and run by our very same enthusiastic, caring and well-trained CCG Staff. Our Super Camps are designed for boys & girls ages 4 – 13 years, we encourage all levels and abilities to attend. We strive to provide each child with an EXTRAORDINARY camp experience each day, giving your child a great experience and wonderful memories, and you peace of mind. Read more below about the many camps CCG hosts throughout the year!

Camp Info
Half Day: 9am - 12pm
Full Day: 9am - 3pm
Before Care: 8am -9am
After Care: 3pm - 5pm
*Prices will very based on membership status, Early Bird prices, and sibling discounts.

Friendly Reminder Regarding Electronic Devices

Devices like tablets, cell phones, laptops, hand held games should not be brought to camp at CCG. CCG does not allow them to be used at any time during camp or in our before or aftercare.

If someone needs to contact their parents we will do that directly through our office. We have each campers parent/Guardians cell phones.

Agreement of Participation

Nature of Activity

You and/or your child's participation in the programs offered at Central Coast Gymnastic Sports Center, Inc. involve instruction by trained instructors in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, acrobatics, tumbling, trampoline, music, or martial arts classes. These classes involve motion, rotation, and height in a unique environment. You and your child acknowledge that improper conduct or these activities can result in serious injury or death and you agree to assume the risk by participating in these activities. While enrolled at Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center, Inc.'s facility you agree to allow your child to be photographed for advertising purposes or other print inside or outside the gym.

Spring Break Camp-A-Palooza

March 25 - 29th, 2024

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Summer Camp-A-Palooza

Week #1: June 17 - 21

Week #2: June 24 - 28

NO CAMP July 1 - 5

Week #3: July 8 - 12

Week #4: July 15 - 19

Week #5: July 22 - 26

Week #6: July 29 - August 2

Week #7: August 5 - 9

Week #8: August 12 - 14

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Thanksgiving Break Super Camp

November 25 - 27th, 2024

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Holiday Camp-A-Palooza

December 26 - 31st, 2024

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I signed up over the phone, what is expected of me?

We will need you to sign the registration form and initial all areas when you check in the first day of camp. If you are doing multiple weeks of Super Camps, please make sure your form is signed each week you check in. If you paid in full over the phone, no payment will be due, if you have paid a 50% deposit (non-refundable), the balance will be due at check in on the first day your child attends. A $10 late fee will be charged if camp balance is not paid by the end of the first day of camp. Account credit may be considered if cancellation is one week prior to camp start date.

What is the cancellation policy?

Account credit may be considered if cancellation is 7 days prior to camp start date. Credit back requests must be in writing. Deadline for credit requests is 7 days prior camp start date.

Can we bring our children before 9:00am?

Why yes, we have before and after care each day of camp from 8-9am and 3-5pm for only $7.00 per hour per child. It is important that you sign up for this care in advance so we know how many children will need supervision.

What should I do if I am late picking up my child?

Please call our office at (805) 549-8408 as soon as you know. We would be happy to put your child into aftercare until you arrive and let them know you are on your way.

My child has allergies, how do I let you know?

Please let us know at check in the first day by writing this information on your registration form. Please make sure the Camp Director is aware of any severe allergies, food or otherwise. If you have an epipen, our staff is trained to administer them and we keep it in a safe place in our main office.

What are the themes for?

The activities, games, and guest speakers are all geared around each theme. We take time to research and plan all activities and strive to offer the best camp experience possible for each child, creating memories that last a lifetime.

What should my child bring to camp?

They should come in comfortable clothing, no buttons, zippers, or metal objects as these can damage the equipment or hurt the child. Having your child wear a good pair of tennis shoes for outdoor activities is important for safety. Pleae have kids under 5 wearing sandals or no-tie shoes. Please do not have them wear any jewelry or piercings other than stud earrings in their ears. All long hair must be pulled back. If they have glasses they need to wear please let us know if they come off easily and should be removed at times. A bottle of water is a great asset too! We have a water fountain if they don’t have one, or they can fill it up when needed. We give lots of water breaks!

Devices like tablets, cell phones, laptops, hand held games should not be brought to camp at CCG. CCG does not allow them to be used at any time during camp or in our before or aftercare.

If someone needs to contact their parents we will do that directly through our office. We have each campers parent/Guardians cell phones.

Will my child be with her friend?

We will do our best to make this happen, if we know in advance, we can try to make sure they are together in a group. We typically split children into groups by age only. There are times when friends will be in separate groups but may come together for group activities. It really depends on the number of children we have and the ages. So groups vary from camp to camp.

Should I stay while my child is in camp?

No. We only ask you to stay for a short period of time if your child is young and new to our gym. Our goal would be to make sure they transition well into our environment. With your support we can make that happen. As soon as they are comfortable you may leave. We can also call you if there is a need.

My child has special needs, are they welcome at CCG Super Camps?

Absolutely. We might have a few questions so we can help them have a wonderful experience. If they are used to having an aide, we would encourage you to have an aide with them so they can have a great camp experience. Please contact our Camp Director with all your questions, concerns, and wishes. All camp attendee’s need to be potty trained, or have an aide to help with personal care when needed.