The National Gymnastics Association (NGA) aims to provide a positive and healthy competitive and wellness program for the sport of gymnastics that will permit participants of all ages and ability levels to achieve their own personal goals.

This competitive program offers an all optional program with different skill and level requirements for each of the ten (10) skill levels. It is designed to combine all levels of competitive gymnastics into one program - Beginner-Skill Level 1 to College Bound-Skill Level 10

How is this different than the Girls Junior Olympic Team?

Firstly, the time commitment is significantly less. This allows time for homework focus or for interests in other sports and extracurricular activities to be possible.

Secondly, the tuition is significantly less than the tradition D.P. program under USAG. Mostly because of the lesser time spent, as they go hand-in-hand with making it a bit easier on your gymnast.

Thirdly, instead of levels, such as 1, 2, 3, etc, the NGA Program distinguishes its athletes by dubbing them Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. Each ‘level’ does consist of certain requirements that each member must meet, however in their own creative and unique way.

Train with the BEST

Scott Wilhelm

NGA Program Director

Scott came to CCG in 2019 from Fresno, CA where he ran a JO team with 30+ kids, 5 of which were optionals. He's had 10+ years of coaching experience in both JO and the Xcel program and a 30 years of being involved in gymnastics, of which included winning Regional Championships at level 8 in 2000.

Jackie Ting

Team Coach

Peter Conti

Team Coach

2021 Competition Schedule & Results

NGA Silver - Platinum

  • CCG In House Meet: March 6th RESULTS
  • SLO Gymfest at Central Coast Gymnastics: March 6-7th RESULTS
  • Catch Your Dreams Invitational at V-Force: March 20-21st RESULTS
  • Spirit of the Flame in Concord, CA: March 26-28th RESULTS
  • Xcel Silver - Platinum Regionals in Reno, NV: May 1-2nd RESULTS



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