What should my child wear to practice?

We ask that all athletes wear comfortable clothing (no zippers, buttons or snaps, etc.), no shoes worn on the gym floor and long hair be pulled back.

What if I miss class?

CCG offers make-up classes! If you are currently enrolled in a class, you may use this make-up within 60 days from your original missed day. All make-up classes must be pre-scheduled with our amazing office staff.

*Must be currently enrolled and tuition paid

Do I have start classes at the beginning of the month or session?

You can register your child to begin class at any time during the month (or Parent Participation session) and CCG will prorate your initial month/session of classes.

Are there tuition discounts offered?

CCG offers sibling discounts! 5% off of monthly tuition for 2 siblings enrolled, 15% for 3 and 25% for 4 or more!

Sign up for a second class per week and receive a 30% discount! Also receive a 50% discount for your third class!

Is there a sign-up fee?

CCG has an annual registration of $40 due upon enrollment. This fee is valid for one year and you do not have to repay this fee at any time within the same year from date of payment. To remain active in our programs and classes, registration must be current.

How are payments handled?

All payments are due on or before the 1st of each month. Payments received after the 1st of each month will be charged a Tuition Late fee of $15 per child.

Any payments not received by the second class meeting and absence of your child for the first two weeks will result in your child losing their class position (Automatic Drop).

CCG offers an Automatic Payment program, in which all “AutoPay” families receive $5.00 discount per month. Ask our office for more details about AutoPay!