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Central Coast Elite exists to be a positive experience for all of our cheerleaders and families. Our mission is to instill strength, flexibility, and teamwork in all of our athletes while helping them develop self-esteem, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle. Our program prides itself on excellence in all aspects of the sport of cheerleading. We will settle for nothing less than excellent training, excellent performing, and excellent attitudes for everyone in our program.

Our coaches are experienced, credentialed, hard working individuals who take pride in their jobs and the athletes that they coach.

2024-25 Teams





Train with the BEST

Aly Wenzel

Cheer Program Director

Aly came to CCG in 2006 and has been coaching cheer & gymnastics since 2003 making her one of our longest running coaches! Her goal is to help every athlete in her program be a better athlete, cheerleader, and person once they step out our door.



Emma has cheered for 13 years (11 All-Star, 2 Cal-Poly)

Fun Fact: I am a twin.

Most Notable Experience: Winning the 2023 Stunt Nationals.

Excited to Coach Because: I am most excited about making connections with the kids and helping them reach their full potential.

Ava J.


Ava has cheered for 13 years at 3 gyms, most recently the South Bay Divas.

Fun Fact: I got 2 AA degrees while in HS, so I am a 1st year at Cal Poly but I have a junior standing.

Most Notable Experience: Winning Summit twice, on Junior 4 and on Senior Coed.

Excited To Coach Because: Coaching still gives me a connection to the sport I've loved for so long.



Maya has cheered for 14 years.

Fun Fact: I have 3 beagles.

Most Notable Experience: Winning STUNT Nationals with Cal Poly.

Excited To Coach Because: I get to coach kids who love cheer as much as I do.



Madalyn has cheered for 14 years.

Fun Fact: I love to do puzzles.

Most Notable Experience: Winning STUNT Nationals with the Cal Poly STUNT Team.

Excited To Coach Because: I get to inspire young athletes to develop a love for cheer and competition.



Marissa has cheered for 7 years and am on C4 this year!

Fun Fact: I went to the Eras Tour!

Most Notable Experience: 2nd place at the D2 Summit!

Excited To Coach Because: I like to help the athletes get excited about cheer and learn new skills!

Ava M.


Ava did gymnastics for 13 years up to level 8 and has been coaching since she was 14.

Fun Fact: I am super into scuba diving.

Most Notable Experience: Night driving in Hawaii with Manta Rays.

Excited To Coach Because: I want to help the athletes stay motivated and work on & improve their skills.



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