CCG - Tumbling & Trampoline

CCG offers recreational T&T classes to boys and girls of all levels (ages 5 & up). Trampoline and Tumbling (T&T) has 3 main events: Trampoline, Tumbling and Double-Mini Trampoline. Throughout our T&T classes, our experienced coaches teach progressions for jumping, flipping, twisting, and tumbling on each of our rebounding devices. CCG has four above-ground trampolines, full size, 84 ft. Russian floor (power tumbling floor), a double-mini trampoline, and more top-quality equipment designed to help your athlete reach their “highest” potential.

Jumping Monkeys

jumping monkeys kid

Jumping Monkeys

Ages 4-5 Years

Class Length: 1 Hour

This unique class will get your child jumping for joy! Our Jumping Monkeys class is offered to all preschoolers ages 4-5 years. Jumping Monkeys focuses on the fundamentals of trampoline, basic tumbling skills, and air awareness...and so much more for those jumping monkeys. If you are looking to get our little monkey moving, this class is definitely for your child! You can add a Jumping Monkeys class in addition to a weekly gymnastics class-that's [2] one hour classes a week, great combo for a preschooler.

Beginning T&T

T&T A: Ages 5-8

T&T B: Ages 8+

Class Length: 1 Hour

Beginning T&T is designed to create a strong foundation for the athlete to build on. Our educated coaches will teach proper bounce techniques, dismounts and basic drops on trampoline (e.g., seat drop, back drop, front drop, and combinations with twists). Using a variety of drills to appeal to all learning styles, your child will also learn proper running and landing technique, basic tumbling skills to help them successfully progress and build their skills.

Intermediate T&T C

Invite Only

Class Length: 1.5 Hour

Intermediate T&T athletes will continue to improve the basics of tumbling skills as well as work towards connections of multiple skills for all events. Our trained and knowledgeable coaches will help your child practice safe and effective flip-progressions and specialized drops on trampoline while continuing to develop tumbling skills.